It is April of 2015, and I am still shocked when I get a telephone call or an inquiry asking if I am available to DJ and become a Master of Ceremonies at their wedding…in May. My first immediate question is “May of 2016?” “No, 2015, next month!”


With there being so many resources for wedding planning (magazines, websites, and blogs) out there , there are also quite a few of opinions about when couples should begin the planning process for their wedding, especially entertainment.


In my opinion, one year is a good window to with. Others will state their opinion and say that is too far in advance, but take into consideration this. In Phoenix, Arizona there are a few “prime” wedding months, and think about all the other couples getting married and wanting a date in one of the prime wedding months. Can you begin to see how quickly prime wedding dates, at prime wedding venues, with amazing vendors?


There are certain individuals and couples that will say that entertainment is not high on their priority list and will wait till 4 months before they choose their entertainment. Whether you select a professional DJ or a band, finding the right choice for entertainment is crucial. “YOUR” entertainment choice, whether a DJ or band, will make or break your wedding.

If you wait to long to begin your DJ or band search, you will risk having to select someone that online slots might not be a direct fit with what you are envisioning because the person or company you did like was already booked. I get clients calling or emailing me immediately following a wedding I just performed at asking if I am available for their wedding ceremony and reception.


A basic and great tip for couples-to-be is to start the search for the most important things to you early. A good example of the selections could be:

  1. Ceremony/Reception location
  2. Catering
  3. Entertainment
  4. Photographer/Videographer
  5. Cake
  6. Florist

It is possible, couples will rearrange numbers 2-6 but will remain in the top 6!

The earlier you begin the selection of the major vendors for your wedding day, the  more time you will have in selecting and planning things that might not be as important. Nothing can be more frustrating in doing all the intense research, receiving information you requested, and come to find out at the time you are ready reserve services the company or individual is already booked. Not only do you have to start your search again, you do not get what exactly you are looking for.

Post your comments below and state when you think a good time frame is for individuals or couples in selecting their key vendors for their wedding ceremony and reception.