Are you or know someone that is getting married?

One major focus of your wedding should be style, design, and the formality of it. You don’t want to have your wedding appearing to your closest friends and family members like it is a three ring circus! Focus, focus, focus!

Here is a very important tip to assist in making some major decisions in regards to the wedding ceremony.

What time of day is your ceremony? Is there a gap between your ceremony and your reception where there is a few hours of “down time” where people can’t go directly from the church to the reception site? Is it at sunset outdoors – you will need to know the sunset time of the day you’ve selected, etc…! Are you planning an outdoor wedding – make sure you have average temperatures so your guests do not bake in the sun!

Part of the planning process with each one of our weddings, we address each and every one of these concerns. Not only will we have a definite plan in place we will also have a plan B for any unforeseen circumstances.

Look forward to more tips for other important formalities.

Do not hesitate to contact our office to discuss your wedding dreams and we will make sure to accommodate each one of your needs!