Wedding Planning Tips: Some Things to Consider

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to plan a wedding. As a Phoenix Wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies, I’ve seen how difficult and stressful it can be. So every once in a while, I like to offer some wedding planning tips to anyone needing help. I also like to let them know how important a role the wedding DJ can play in making your big day a success!

1. Consistency is Key

The best weddings are focused— the design elements and atmosphere of your wedding should be cohesive and consistent when it comes to your ceremony and reception. This event will be attended by friends and family, so you don’t want it to resemble a three-ring circus (unless that’s your theme, of course)! Choices must be made and stuck to. Do you want a formal wedding? A fun and quirky wedding? A fun ceremony and formal reception might be a bit confusing for guests.

It’s easy to say that consistency is key, but I understand that sometimes this can be easier said than done. When you have to organize that many individual elements—right down to the napkins—it’s hard to make sure everything meshes together just right. However, if you hire the right people, they will take your vision and work together to create a masterpiece.

2. Have a Back-up Plan

For every decision you make about your wedding, there must be a contingency plan—especially if you’ve opted for an outdoor wedding. While beautiful, outdoor weddings have the added risk of being interrupted by some sort of natural disaster—and by natural disaster I mean rain or high heat. Even if you live in an area with fairly predictable weather, try and have a secondary, indoor venue available should the weather turn against you.

3. Have a Wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies that can Help You

When it comes to consistency, let your Wedding DJ know what type of wedding your planning on having. Let them know what type of atmosphere you’re trying to create, and they can help you make this possible. Looking for a fun, lively wedding? Well, let’s pull out the fun, lively music! DMR Wedding Entertainment will work with you to ensure that your wedding stays focused and cohesive.

Regarding outdoor weddings—well, I hope I haven’t scared you off of them! As a part of the booking process for all of our weddings, DMR Wedding Entertainment asks all of the important questions so we can have a Plan B in place. And we always bring a back-up sound system. So, don’t hesitate to contact our office to discuss your wedding dreams and we will make sure to accommodate each one of your needs!


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