Some might argue which I agree, that music is the most important part of a wedding reception. When it is all said and done, the location could be perfect, the venue could be beautiful, and the food could be delicious; but, all of that will fade into the background if the dance floor is empty. The right music gets your guests in the mood to celebrate your special occassion and dance all night long. And what is the key to getting the right music you ask? Finding and interviewing the right wedding DJ! It’s important you find someone who not only will play the music you like; but, will do so with style and personality that pleases your guests. Here is a list of selected questions that DMR Wedding Entertainment gets asked when meeting with potential Brides & Grooms:

What is your style?

With live bands, it is a bit easier to discern style. Watch a performance, either live or on video, and you’ll pick up on the band’s energy, personality, and of course musicality. But with wedding DJs, it’s a bit trickier. With todays technology and trends it is very easy and important that you make it available for potential clients to view recent testimonials, either written or video as well as  snipets from previous weddings. Some DJs like to fade into the background and simply press play on your favorite songs, while others prefer to “MC” and get on the microphone here and there. Before your initial consultation with him/her, ask yourself, what you want in a DJ. Do I want someone who interacts with the guests betweeen every song? Someone who encourages people to get on the dance floor? Or someone who announces key formalities like toasts and your cake cutting ceremony, and keeps quiet the rest of the time? DMR Wedding Entertainment is a professional company that strives on training and education, especially in areas as Master of Ceremonies and music programming.

Can we provide ‘must-play” and “do not play” song list?

Any wedding DJ will have an extensive music library or repertoire to tap into for your wedding reception (but it is worth asking how many songs they have available anyway)? Every wedding and client has a different taste of music. It would not be a good idea to give your DJ full reign to play whatever they want. Ask how you can submit a must-play list, play if possible, dedicated to a specific person, and a do not play list. Also, is there an online system or is there an other way to submit songs? If you become overwhelmed ask him/her to provide sample lists or suggestions for good songs to play based on actual wedding experience. DMR Wedding Entertainemt proviides access to an online web portal for each couple that reserves our services. In their individual portal they have the function of listening to all genres of artists and songs and create numerous playlists.

How do you handle requests from guests?

Lets be upfront and honest. After a few glasses of champagne, your guests are going to get loose, and they just might think they’re dancing at a club, rather than a wedding. Which means, they’ll beeline for the music source whenever they can requesting whatever comes to mind. Your wedding DJ has limited time to play all the songs that you provide to them, so adding in extras could get in the way. Not to mention, you don’t want inappropriate or terrible songs to be played at your wedding just because someone who is under the influence of alcohol requested them. Here at DMR Wedding Entertainment we take it very serious that the Bride and Groom are our clients and we must abide by their playlists. We strive on being current with all the music trends that are out there and know what will and will not be tolerated to play.

Do you play at ceremonies and cocktail hours too?

Back in the old days it was assumed that a bride and groom had to find seperate vendors for their ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. That is not the case: Plenty of DJs are willing to provide music, sound systems, and microphones for all aspects of the wedding as long as the set-up works for them. If everything is taking place at one venue it could be very easy to just shift locations when needed—and make things simpler for you. If the ceremony is at one location and the cocktail hour and reception are at another location it can be complicated to stay on track in regards to the personalized itinerary. DMR Wedding Entertainment is an all inclusive wedding entertainment company that can provide for all parts of your wedding. As your professional wedding entertaiment company, we bring four sets of equipment to every wedding (ceremony, cocktai hour, reception, and back up.

Can we see you live before we hire you?

Anyone can talk a good game, right? But when it comes to performers, the best sales technique is letting people see them perform. Some wedding DJs that you might come in contact with may have videos of themselves you can check online or in person. A question that comes up quite often is “Can we come see you perform in person”? As a professional organization, DMR Wedding does not offer complete strangers to a bride and groom come and hang out for the short period of time at their wedding reception. Also, not every one wedding is identical. The music that is played at one wedding might not be pleasing to you.

Can we tell you what to say?

Some of this goes back to the question about the style of your wedding DJ. If he or she doesn’t like to talk at all, he or she is probably not going to be too keen on taking your script suggestions. But if you are looking for someone that will act more as an “emcee” for your wedding, dig deeper and find out how willing they are on receiving notes on what to say. Do you want your DJ/MC to read a little story about your maid/matron of honor as she is being introduced? Or maybe you have a funny message you want him to say during your father/daughter dance? Find out how flexible and willing your wedding DJ is to take direction. DMR Wedding Entertaiment offers a variety options to customize your weddign reception. We have received training on how to successfully customize wedding party introductions, writing and telling your Love Story, and edit an important song for a very special dance during your wedding ceremony/reception.

What’s your back-up plan? 

Chances are, a back-up plan won’t be necessary. But you never know what could happen to prevent your wedding DJ/MC from showing up on your wedding day. So, to put your mind at ease, find out what he’d do if that’s the case. Whatever their back-up is make sure it is a plan that everyone is comfortable with. Here at DMR Wedding Entertainment, we network and affiliate with other professionals here in the Phoenix market. We have it written in our contract that if it were to happen to where we could not show up to perform for any wedding we would contact an affiliate that is best fit for your wedding.